Top 8 Kid Friendly Cereals

Top 8 kid friendly healthy cereals are based on a one serving size portion that contains 6g or less of sugar, 3g or more fiber, 100% whole grain as the first listed ingredient, no artificial colors & preservatives and are fortified with iron. This information is on the nutrition facts label located on the side of the box. In the ingredient list look for a cereal with 100% whole grain or bran which provides fiber, complex carbohydrate and vitamin B.

1. McCann’s Oatmeal: 100% whole grain contains heart-healthy soluble fiber. A great way for kids to personalize the oatmeal is by adding nutrient dense toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruits. McCann’s has a quick cook version. Other flavored instant oatmeal packets are sweetened and processed which can cause a quicker rise and fall in blood sugar zapping energy levels soon after eating.

2. Cheerios: meets all of the guidelines above. Another great cereal for kids to personalize with any fruit topping increasing fiber and nutrient intake.

3. Honey Nut Cheerios: higher in sugar than the guidelines but still reasonable. It is just under the guidelines for fiber recommendation at 2g but still a good choice and more appealing to kids looking for a sweet cereal.

4. Kix: very reasonable on the sugar content for a kid’s cereal but still provides that sweetness that some kids expect. Like Cheerios cereals, it is also fortified with iron.

5. Life: kids enjoy this cereal and it has a good amount of whole grains and iron. It is another cereal that kids can personalize by adding any fruit topping increasing fiber and nutrient intake.

6. Wheaties: whole grain cereal that is fun for kids with the “Better eat your Wheaties” slogan.

7. Mini-Wheat’s: add fresh fruit toppings for greater kid appeal or even mix with Frosted Mini-Wheat’s if it is more appealing. However, the frosted version contains a higher amount of sugar, including high fructose corn syrup.

8. Kashi Honey Sunshine: high in whole grains, fiber and appealing to kids.